A course for JavaScript Developers who want to build native apps. From basics to deploying your first app.

Taught By Adam Bulmer

Why Bother with Native?

You Can Just Learn React Native Right?

If you have used React Native, you will know it has a promise to learn once and write anywhere. That promise is perfect for app developers who are targeting multiple platforms. It is beneficial to web developers who want to develop native apps because it provides a familiar API from React.

You probably have felt the problems that come with React Native at some point. If you lack the knowledge of the native platform, you lose the ability to deliver features effectively and rely on the community to build the integrations for you when native APIs are released and updated.

I believe Swift, SwiftUI and React Native aren't exclusive to each other either. You can use them together. UI Patterns that are common across Android and Apple Platforms can use React Native and features that are platform-specific like HomeKit and CloudKit can have custom integrations developed using Swift and SwiftUI.

If you are targeting a single platform, why even bother with React Native? Just use Swift and SwiftUI and remove the overhead of context switching and build better performant apps that feel native to the platform.

I am here to help.

I am a Web Developer with over 10 years experience within the industry and have worked for companies such as the BBC and Booking.com.

During this time, I have built native apps for iOS using Swift, UIKit and SwiftUI. I want to share my experience so that you can build native apps that feel native to iOS. We will apply the mental models you have learnt on the web and reapply them to native app development using Swift and SwiftUI.

It is also an opportunity to learn new mental models that could be potentially applied to web development.

Whats in Swift for JavaScript Developers

7 modules full of Swift and SwiftUI Knowledge.

Swift Basics

Playground, Numbers, Booleans, Strings, Arrays, Enums, Variables, Types, Functions and more...

Swift Advanced

Xcode, Structs, Classes, Protocols, Extensions, Closures and more...

Apple SDK

HealthKit, Notifications, CloudKit and more...

SwiftUI Basics

vs React Native, Buttons, Lists, Navigation, Images and more...

SwiftUI Advanced

Custom Components, State Management, Animation and more...

Your first app


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Frequently asked questions

Some commonly asked questions I have received about Swift for JavaScript Developers Course.

I cannot purchase the course?
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When will the course launch?
The course is on track for release second half of 2023 with early access to the first chapter beginning of 2023.
Is this a one-time purchase?
Yes, no subscriptions. You'll always have access to the course. Not only that, but you'll get all updates and improvements for free.
Can you apply price parity to the course fees according to my country?
I am hoping once the course is launched, I will be able to provide pricing parity.
Are there any discounts available?
The Early Bird Pricing will be the best price. Signup to the newsletter to receive updates for when the course releases.
What if I don't like the course?
No questions asked, 100% 14-day money back guarantee.
I have a question not listed here!
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