SwiftUI is a framework Apple created for building applications including iOS, iPadOS, MacOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

At WWDC19 Apple announced SwiftUI, a UI framework providing developers the ability to build native easy-to-maintain user interfaces that would work across different devices.

SwiftUI uses a declarative syntax to define UI components similar to how React, React Native and Flutter define their components. Instead of telling a device how to render a layout like you would in UIKit or AppKit, you describe the layout of your UI and the framework takes care of rendering the layout on the screen.

SwiftUI is designed to be responsive so that changes in device orientation or screen size cause the SwiftUI layouts to adapt. This means that you can build a single UI layout that works across multiple devices and the framework will automatically adjust the layout to fit the available space.

Since 2019 Apple have made several improvements to SwiftUI and has become a mature framework to build feature rich applications. In the more recent versions of SwiftUI, a new way to manage Navigation was introduced and the ability to render Charts is now possible amongst many quality of life improvements.

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